WWF Support

Logging production component
  • Support for low-impact logging activities (directional harvest, well-constructed roads with canopy bridges, identifying protection zones, identifying seed-bearers, marking crop saplings, skidding roads, etc.).
Socioeconomic component
  • Guiding communities in signing social clauses and jointly implementing, in a transparent and participatory manner;
  • Support for sustainable cultivation by creating community fields
    • 65 ha. of peanut fields in Isongo, Madjoko, and Tshié;
    • 22.5 ha. of bean fields with 45 CLD in Oshwé;
    • 45 ha. of corn fields with 45 CLD in Oshwé.
  • Distributing environmental educational documents and school supplies to 45 schools.
  • Support for community reforestation in degraded sites (around 20 hectares).
  • Participatory zoning for local community and indigenous lands;
  • Beginning anti-poaching measures (checking vehicles and barges, etc.).