Sodefor facilitates the transport of goods, agricultural products (vegetables/cereals, cassava, etc.), and people, allowing them to board pontoons to the capital and between the capital and production sites in different provinces.

SODEFOR also facilitates the transport of goods and people for:

  • Religious events
  • NGOs (for example, medical materials for health projects in several provinces, materials for local development projects, bags of seeds and other materials for reforestation and agricultural projects, etc.);
  • National and international projects.

During a period of extreme instability in the DRC around 1997, Sodefor ceased all boat transport for 8 months in the current province of Mai Ndombe and ceased work in the Nioki factory.

This shut-down quickly had a visible impact in Nioki’s central market, which became so empty that there wasn’t even bread to be found. Nioki is home to more than 50,000 inhabitants.

The shut-down was also felt in the villages closes to the forestry sites.