The SODEFOR hospital is a general referral hospital (GRH) for the Nioki Rural Health Zone, which includes more than 100,000 inhabitants in addition to Nioki's own 50,000. Nioki is a city in the Mai Ndombe province.


Sodefor’s GRH receives more than 26,000 patients each year.

The hospital provides the entire population with access to medical treatment, at rates that are probably the lowest among the entire country’s hospitals and health zones (equivalent to $2/consultation, to avoid total gratuitousness).

The chief doctor oversees 40 nurses, who are entirely paid by Sodefor and provide quality treatment.


As for the administrative services, they employ 15 people who are also paid by the company.

SODEFOR also supplies medicines and ensures the maintenance and modernization of the medical equipment.

This hospital has 120 beds and is organized into four major departments:

  • Maternity
  • Pediatrics
  • Internal Medicine
  • Surgery
Normal births = 600/year
Caesarians = 200/ year
Pediatrics = 800/year
Internal medicine 600/year
OBGYN = 300/year
Emergencies = 200/year
600 surgical interventions/year
(Success rate = 95%)

Since 2007, SODEFOR’s Nutrition Project (NP) has been open to the entire population and currently serves 30 to 40 children and youths suffering from malnutrition each day.

Sodefor Center for Nutrition's malnourished children/youths statistics (2007 - December 2017)

Total children served = 2,565

Total children cured = 1,670

Total children who leave the program = 764

Total deaths = 131

In addition to the hospital, SODEFOR also runs a number of dispensaries spread out among several provinces, whose medical treatments and administration of medicines is practically entirely supported by Sodefor.

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