A British NGO has recently prepared and distributed a report on the activities of Sodefor and Forabola in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This biased, paternalistic, and politicized report has been widely picked up and shared by certain international media outlets.

Sodefor and Forabola strenuously contest all of the accusations against them and which are contained in this report.

Furthermore, they are not the subject of any accusations or legal proceedings by any qualified authority.

Sodefor and Forabola are aware that they operate within a special kind of industry, and continue to seek ways to improve the quality of their services. They regularly work with relevant third party consultants to carry out independent audits concerning their operations. The goals of these actions is to constantly reflect on the management of forestry activities from an environmental, social, and governance perspective. Recommendations relating to alternative approaches, which may be adopted to develop a sustainable form of management for the forest and social practices, have always been taken into account. Sodefor and Forabola will not be apart from this principle in the future.

Today, as they have been in the past, Sodefor and Forabola are ready to respond candidly to any potential interrogation by any relevant authority with regards to their activities. All general announcements which may be useful to their customers or to the wider interested public will continue to be published through the website

Sodefor and Forabola do not, however, intend to submit to the NGO’s unfounded injunctions and reserve the right to demand, through any available means, reparations for the harm unjustly caused to them.